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  1. Feb 06,  · Ms. Finney is better known as Al. Ms. Najimy and Ms. Gaffney are better known, respectively, as Kathy and Mo, and they are the stars of ''The Kathy and .
  2. Jul 11,  · Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives Documentary which follows the singer of US rock band Eels, Mark Everett, as he travels across America to learn about the father he never knew, quantum physicist.
  3. Award-winning BBC documentary film about EELS leader and his father: The BAFTA and RTS Award-winning BBC documentary PARALLEL WORLDS, PARALLEL LIVES follows the lead singer of US rock band EELS, MARK OLIVER EVERETT, on his journey of discovery across America to learn about the father he never knew, HUGH EVERETT III, the quantum physicist.
  4. Jul 25,  · "Parallel Lives" had its start as an Obie Award-winning off-Broadway production that starred Najimy and Gaffney. The play evolved into an HBO television special.
  5. Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans, commonly called Parallel Lives or Plutarch's Lives, is a series of biographies of famous men, arranged in tandem to illuminate their common moral virtues or failings. The surviving Parallel Lives, contain twenty-three pairs of biographies, each pair consisting of one Greek and one Roman, as well Reviews: 1.
  6. Oct 21,  · TV Program Description Original PBS Broadcast Date: October 21, For most of Mark Oliver Everett's life, things didn't add up. "Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives" follows Mark, better known as.
  7. While you exist in your 3D body, it is impossible for most to have any knowledge of this oversoul and the parallel lives it lives. Science now says we live in a hologram and matter is illusory. This is the LILA or the game of the conscious entity, which is the source code.
  8. "Living in a Parallel Universe" explores the credibility of these concepts with assistance from a panel of distinguished theoretical physicists. The notion of a parallel universe first reared its head in the late s when psychics became a source of great popularity and scandal, and the top scientists of the day began to consider the.

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